Ever since my family started fostering in January, kids have been in and out of our home and our arms. It is especially hard to say goodbye to these children who come, seeking love and comfort, not knowing who to trust or why they haven’t been loved before.

Through all these moments that we share with our foster kids, both the good and the bad, the relationships that result from them make us attached to each and every child. Heartbreaks occur after each disappears from our lives, into those of others. And after each child leaves, I think, why do we do this? Why do we risk damaging our minds and hearts, which are insistent to remain unbroken, unhurt?

We do it because God calls us to love the unlovable and broken. He asks that we care for the poor and needy. To give our hearts and all that we have for the benefit of others. For it is out of love that we must let these children slip from our fingers, rejoicing at the restored union of their families. Even through the pain and the hurt that we all must endure in order to give these children loving homes and temporary families, we must take comfort in God. For He not only cares for the financially needy and those without love, but the emotionally needy as well!

So, although we may feel like we are playing a game of relational peek-a-boo with these foster children, with them appearing every once and a while, only to be hidden again by the door of heartbreak, we can take comfort in the fact that our salvation will grant us a lifetime of hope of restoration through Jesus Christ.


A few weeks ago, I was playing dollhouse with my foster brother, A5. I was the mom, he played the dad, and I was also the son. I was pretending to set up dinner when A5 made his doll walk out of the house. I, having to also play the son, pretended that the he was calling his father, asking him where he was going. The dad said, “Son, I’m going to the dollar store to buy you a toy, because I love you.”

I kind of stared at A5 for a minute, him heading to the “Dollar Store” and I thought, if I were to buy my child a toy, it would be from somewhere like Target or Walmart. But, because his birth mother doesn’t have as much money to buy him nice toys and gifts, she always buys him and his brother toys from the dollar store.

The fact that he declared he was going to buy this cheap, yet truly meaningful gift for someone else shows me his beautiful perspective of love. To him, it’s a hug in the morning when I come down the stairs. It’s the thank you that is uttered from his lips when we let him pick out a book to read. To him, love is buying a toy from the dollar store for someone else. It’s the little things that count, because that’s all he’s ever known and received.

So, I ask you to consider this the next time you don’t know how to love, because the little things can make the most impact on a person’s life. Specifically the life of a person whom the world thinks so insignificant. Because, once you love, you’ll receive it, too.

The Countdown

November 29, 2011

I am very excited because in exactly 31 days, my birthday will be here. My birthday is 4 days after Christmas so I can have Christmas Break for my birthday! (YES!)  I will be thirteen and it will be my first year being a teenager! I am getting a facebook soon and I hope that most of you can let me friend you!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I can’t wait until Thursday. On Thursday, we get to open the first December door on our cardboard Christmas Countdown Boxes with yummy chocolate inside. 🙂 Wish me and my seventh grade class good luck on our final exams in two weeks.

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! I hope you have all had a very exciting time picking out costumes for trick or treating this year! I am going as a lady named Dr. Quinn. The telivision show was popular ten years ago, but we have most of the episodes and I love it. It is probably my most favorite movie in the whole world!! What are you going as? Please leave a comment talking about what you will wear to tonight!! Oh, for all you Rangers fans out there: The Cards won!!!! In your face! I’m just kidding, I’m not that mean!! Have fun feasting on candy!

I Am Working At This

October 30, 2011

Well, I am very glad that it hasn’t been five months since my last post, so at least I am working at it. Have a great weekend!!

Hello.. again. I can’t believe that the last time I wrote on this blog was a while ago. To be exact, December 6th. Holy guacomole! I need to be more consistent with this before I get a facebook in a couple months. Well, I guess this is going to be an extra long post because a lot has gone on in my life for the last eight months. For starters, we moved. That was probably the biggest thing over this past year. We moved into a bigger house, everyone gets their own bedroom and we have another dog! His name is Boomer. He is the best dog anyone could ever have. Peaches is okay, at least she is going to the bathroom outside now using the doggy door! Good puppy. Anyway, we have a lot of space. I love it. Over the summer, we took a trip back to St. Louis and we stayed with some great friends, we went to a U2 concert, (which by the way is the best band in the whole world!!) and this was the summer of memories. Working together through the move was a big part of my relationship with my sisters and my parents because it is extremely hard, I mean extremely hard, not to argue when you are desperately trying to work together to accomplish something. Another memory that we will share later.. is the blasted heat. Oh, my word. It was very, very hot this summer. I do not know why, we decided to move on the hottest summer in Oklahoma since 1980. At least that is over with, hopefully, for another 20 years or so. The last biggest memory that my family and I will treasure…maybe, is that we spent the entire summer together. Learning about each other more, a few more arguments (okay maybe a lot), and strengthening our relationships with one another. (As you will notice later…. I like long essay blog-posts. Do I like reading them? Sure. Well it depends on what it is about…). Anyway, after the summer was over, we prepared mentally and physically for the burden of school. I’m just joking. One of my favorite things to do before school starts, is to go up and down the isles at Walmart, Target, and Office Max, smelling the smell of new school supplies. Don’t you love that? I absolutely adore it. If I were to design a dream room, I would make it have a whole room filled with school supplies and office things. I would have a couch in the middle so I could sit down and smell the lovely smell of new supplies. I love it!! No, I wouldn’t have a couch, but I would have love to have a room filled with new school supplies. So, after we got all our school supplies, and my dad started going to the school more frequently because he was the new principal, school actually started. I have done a lot of school work before, but never an amount as much as what I have now. I do like the new system though, homeschooling a few days a week, and then meeting at the school building for the other days. The first quarter passed by so quick, it only felt like two or three tremendously long weeks. I can be seriously organized, or I can be amazingly spread out. By spread out I mean; all of my papers are either on my desk, on the floor by my bed, or in my giant, pink, filing cabinet box that I use for a binder. 🙂 Well, that’s pretty much what has happened with my life so far. If I get off track, or if I don’t post any more things until next year, please email me a reminder! My goal is to put up a least one blog-post a week, but I might need some help. Thanks! Have a good week.

I was so ready for a quick week that would fly bye super fast, but no! This felt like one of the longest weeks of my entire life! I just watched one of the commercials for the new movie; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I am so excited about that movie! I can’t wait until it comes out! Did I mention that I am writing this post on my mom’s iPad? Well, I am! I have to get back to watching AFV! See ya!

Let me remind what Thanksgiving is all about with this poem I wrote last year when I was ten:


Thanksgiving Dinner

Let us be thankful for what this year’s brought,

Let’s not be selfish, I hope I’m not!

Bring out the turkey Grandpa carved without strife,

And let us toast thanks for a wonderful life.

Bring out the mashed potatoes all covered in gravy,

Set down the rolls all warm and wavy,

Don’t forget the jello, red, blue, and yellow,

And also the pie, oh! yummy pie!!

Now we sit down all happy and full,

To play Left-Right-Center, with quarters in bowls.

Then the men watch football while the ladies do dishes,

And every mind is full of happy wishes.

We’re all very thankful for Thanksgiving Day.

We jump and we shout and we all yell, “Hooray!!”

Thank you so much, dear Grandpa and Grandma,

We’ll yell and we shout. They can hear us in Panama!!


What I Feel, All Day Long

November 27, 2010

The brook is calling to me. The trees long for me to climb them. The mountains are waiting. These are just some of the feelings, and  thoughts I have all day long.  As I sit at my desk in school, lounge quietly on the couch, and even as I eat my dinner. The earth wants me to play on it. The sunset inspires me to dream big, while the fresh air tells me to breathe. The rocks and the grass are soft to my bare feet. As I look around, I can see just a little hint of God’s greatness. Wow. He made the whole world in just six days, resting only on the seventh day! I know that I could not create something so amazing and so wonderful. I know I couldn’t possibly even think about how to make a rock! Thank you Lord, for reminding me about your gracious love and mighty power!


September 5, 2010

It has been awhile! We are up at the farm and we are having a blast! Mom and Chloe are in chicago!!!